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TCCS Committed to Superior Results! On time and within budget. This has long been the construction industry mantra. And the key to completing projects on time and within budget is skillful construction management. That’s why selecting the right management firm is so critical to meeting client expectations and ensuring superior results.

TCCS has a solid reputation for and was founded on traditional industry ethics, integrity and excellence. Client satisfaction ranks among our highest  values. We provide our clients with the highest quality of service and work to exceed their expectations. We seek to maintain project value, creativity and cost effectiveness.

Thomas Tyler
President, Project Management
Khamille Joy Tyler
Head of Design

Thomas combines an outstanding business sense with a unique knowledge of the construction industry to deliver a practical, common sense approach to project management. His work is accurate, timely and thorough, and his careful enforcement of Contract language is invaluable to completing projects on time and on budget.

As a graduate from the Art Institute with her bachelors in Interior Design, Khamille provides a sensible, creative and methodical design experience. With over 13 years of experience working with clients in the residential, commercial, corporate and restaurant industries, she possess a vast and practical outlook during the design process which makes your experience painless and exciting. 

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